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"Eric Nelson and Son Construction is one of the best construction contractors I have worked with in my life. He is very knowledgeable about concrete, and how the earth movement from weather changes, effect concrete. He replaced my front walkway with the greatest care, in a timely fashion, providing me with an excellent stairway that will serve my purposes for many years to come. He was knowledgeable about how to design the walkway in a different way from the original way, which solved many problems with water runoff from the back of the hill my property sits on, since my house is built into a steep hill across from the Fox River. He was neat about the property during the project, and left me without any mess to clean up. If you have any concrete needs, Eric Nelson is the man for the job "

​ -Patti





"After seeing pieces of bricks falling, I knew that I needed a skilled mason to fix my chimneys. I contacted a friend who is a contractor to get a referral. He recommended Eric Nelson and Son Construction. I contacted Eric and we met to discuss my options. Instead of replacing the brick, due to the fact that we could not find a match, Eric suggested replacing with stone to improve the strength and appearance. I agreed and Eric helped me select the stone, and transport it to the site. He had to build a special scaffold to reach both chimneys, and proceeded to work on replacing the top 3" of my chimneys. Eric completed the job on time and within the cost quoted. I now have two attractive, structurally sound chimneys. I recommend Eric Nelson and Son Construction to anyone looking for quality masonry work."





"Eric Nelson and Son have done many concrete jobs for me over the past 15 years.  They have poured footings for additions, stonework and new homes.  They have done flat work for additions, new homes, patios, sidewalks and driveways. They have done pool decks, garages, outside buildings.  Eric Nelson and Son have been my go to company in many situations, with positive results all the time.  I stand behind them 100%."






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